Why Blake Lively slammed the paparazzi lurking outside her house

By Aazam

The first time Lively has publicly admonished the paparazzi for their lack of boundaries and propriety

In 2021, Lively went into Mama Bear mode by slamming The Daily Mail Australia for allegedly stalking, harassing, and frightening her and her three young children just to snap photos for the publication

Lively also made sure to applaud outlets who refuse to publish unsanctioned photos of celebrity children, a cause that is important to many celebrity parents

Lively has made clear—unsanctioned photos of her kids are off-limits. So are unsanctioned photos of her pregnant body

This removes the motivation for the paparazzi to lurk outside her home to snap their own photos, because now those "unicorn" photos have a lot less value if everyone can see her bump on her Instagram page

Thanks to everyone else for all the love and respect and for continuing to unfollow accounts and publications who share photos of children

De La Rosa said of the backlash she gets for being one of the mothers of Cannon's children