When it Comes to Matt Smith's Eyebrows, or Lack thereof, the Internet is Going Crazy

By Aazam

October 04, 2022

Few people have gained as much reputation (or popularity) on the internet as Matt Smith

The House of the Dragon actor is well-known for portraying a number of pivotal characters, such as the Eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who and Prince Philip in The Crown

His part in the Marvel movie Morbius, which will serve as meme fodder in 2022, has also been the subject of mischievous teasing

But now, people are making fun of him because of something quite different—his eyebrows. or more precisely the absence of any

The Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon presently has Matt Smith in the lead role. He plays King Viserys's younger brother, Prince Damon Targaryen

Matt Smith is receiving criticism for reasons that are less harmful, despite the fact that his on-screen character is notorious for making radically unexpected moves

Damon may lack self-control, but Matt Smith obviously lacks eyebrows

Millions of people watch every episode of House of the Dragon because Matt Smith consistently rocks the show

Many people focus on Matt's absence of an eyebrow while others analyse how each episode of Game of Thrones contributes to the broader tale