Top 34 Most Anticipated Albums of Fall 2022 So Far

By Aazam

The 1975: Being Funny in a Foreign Language, returning almost two years later with Notes on the Conditional Form

Alex G: God Save the Animals As with his previous albums, Alex G wrote and performed God Save the Animals at home.

Alvvays: Blue Rev is set to continue with Blue Rev, their third studio album and follow-up to 2017's Antisocialites

Arctic Monkeys: The Car Arctic Monkeys' 2018 album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino felt like a new direction for a band entirely

Beth Orton: Weather Alive Beth Orton began writing songs on a vintage piano for her eighth studio album, Weather Alive.

Bill Callahan: YTILAER On his new album YTILAER, Bill Callahan stretches beyond rustic bliss and sets off celebratory bells.

Björk: Fossora It's all about the album literally embracing the earth. Its title is an invented word that feminizes "fossor," or "digger, delver, dicher

Brian Eno: ForeverAndEverNoMore The father of ambient music returns to the microphone on most of ForeverAndEverNoMore's 10 songs

Taylor Swift Seeks Red Redemption for Taylor’s Version in Grammys