TikToker Rodney Petersen keeps Getting Mistaken for Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul

By Aazam

TikToker Rodney Petersen frequently gets confused with contentious YouTuber Logan Paul

Petersen claimed that while it exposed him to unfavorable remarks, it also enabled him to expand his platform

Here is the account of how Petersen benefited from the comparisons as it was related to Charissa Cheong

We made the decision to open our own TikTok profiles and run a race to see who could gain 1,000 followers first

Even after she defeated me, I continued to post, mostly about my children and my hobbies, which include music and ju-jitsu, a type of Japanese martial arts. She completely blew me out of the water

But when people started saying I reminded them of Logan Paul, my experience on TikTok changed

However, when people began commenting on my post that he reminded them of me, I went online and looked him up and learned that he is a very well-known influencer with a contentious background

Most notably, he gained notoriety in December 2017 after he shared a video of himself and his pals finding a body in Japan's infamous "suicide forest," which sparked outrage across the globe

People often refer to me as "Logan Paul after drugs" or the "cracked out" version of Paul since I have a thinner face and look skinnier than Paul

I've learned to let these remarks go directly in one ear and out the other, even though they aren't exactly complimentary

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