The Twelve Most Popular Male Artists of All Time

By Aazam

Chris Brown is one of the most controversial and successful male performers ever

Billy Joel, a pop-rock idol who had his last successful album released in 1993, is still well-liked enough to be included on this list and is famed for consistently filling Madison Square Garden

Baby, Bieber's most renowned track, is one of America's highest-certified singles

The controversial Kanye West is one of rap's top legends, dabbles in fashion, and expresses strong ideas

Since he began releasing music when he was 16 years old, Justin Bieber has earned the title of Prince of Pop

Watch the Throne smashed the US iTunes first-week sales record, and Jesus Is King tied him with Eminem as the only artist with nine consecutive number-one studio albums

The 1980s pop and rock phenomenon is one of three musicians to sell 100 million records as a solo artist and with a band

All four of Ed Sheeran's albums have topped the UK Albums Chart. + (Plus) sold over 100,000 copies in its first week, and (Multiply) was the second-best-selling album of 2015

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