The Ragnarok Cast, The GOD of War, is Amazing in Real Life

By Aazam

Christopher Judge - Kratos : Christopher Judge, who assumed the role for the 2018 video game "God of War," took over for the former voice actor TC Carson

Ryan Hurst - Thor : According to well-known business insider Nibel, he will be voiced by Ryan Hurst and serve as Freya's major adversary in "God of War Ragnarok."

Danielle Bisutti - Freya : Freya, who is represented by Danielle Bisutti in "God of War" and its sequel, will have a more adversarial role as she strives to get revenge on Baldur's killer in the second game.

Shelby Young - Skuld : In "God of War Ragnarok," Shelby Young will play Skuld, a character with little previous knowledge among fans.

Richard Schiff - Odin : Another character in "God of War" who doesn't present physically but is frequently discussed is Odin

Erica Lindbeck - Hrist : She is known as Shaker, and according to Pantheon, it was she who delivered Odin his horn at his command.

Usman Ally - Durlin : The figure, whose voice will be provided by Usman Ally, does not exist in Norse mythology but may be based on Durinn.

Laya DeLeon Hayes - Angrboda : Laya DeLeon Hayes played the role, and when her race was disclosed by some online communities, there was significant uproar.

Kate Miller - Urd : The character will be portrayed by Kate Miller in "God of War Ragnarok."

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