The Most Shocking Crimes Committed by Celebrities

By Aazam

The talented actor Mark Wahlberg is known for frequently playing the strong guy in his movies

Vanilla Ice was arrested for the first time on a firearms charge after allegedly threatening a homeless guy with a gun

R. Kelly has been in the news since the 1990s for allegedly abusing minors, and those allegations have persisted to this day

Sid Vicious, the Sex Pistols' bassist, was well-known for his heroin addiction, but he nonetheless rose to fame throughout his life

Charlie Sheen has a past that includes both drug use and treatment

Chris Brown, one of the most popular male artists in the entire globe, has a history of criminal activity

Robert Downey Jr., who is most known for playing Iron Man in the Marvel Studios films, has used drugs ever since he was a little child

There is more to Eminem's criminal history than just the song Crimina, he is a well-known rapper and occasional actor

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