The greatest personal collection of jewels in the world Prince Philip Gave To Queen El,,,

By Aazam

The Queen as those that were designed by and given to her by her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh

Her Majesty’s historic collection included dozens of tiaras, hundreds of brooches, and almost every type of precious stone

Philip designed and purchased numerous gifts of jewelry for the Queen, and his unique designs often reflected deeply personal references to their relationship

Philip included the Naval badge in a number of the pieces he had made for his wife

Philip presented her with many pieces which still survive in the Royal Collection, symbols of the enduring legacy of their love

Gifts of jewelry the Duke of Edinburgh gave to the Queen during their marriage and One of his first gifts to her was this diamond brooch in the shape of his Naval badge, made by Garrard

Princess Alice gave Philip an antique diamond tiara, which was dismantled to supply the diamonds and create the engagement ring

Her most treasured gift was the bracelet she’s seen wearing here in Canada in 1957, which was given to her by Philip

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