The Biographical Film "BLONDE" by Marilyn Monroe comes in second on the Netflix Charts

By Aazam

Blonde, the biopic of Marilyn Monroe starring Ana de Armas, is still generating news

The movie has been seen for 37,340,000 hours, according to Netflix's Global Top 10 ranking

No one under the age of 18 is permitted in the theater, even if they are accompanied by an adult, because the almost three-hour movie has been given the NSFW NC-17 rating

The film reimagines Marilyn Monroe's life. Blonde's premiere was delayed by the epidemic and several creative changes

De Armas claimed in an interview with Variety that she spent four months as Marilyn Monroe

According to the magazine, De Armas incorporated some of Marilyn's energy into her portrayal of Paloma in No Time to Die

Although Cary kept repeating, "You're whispering," on the first day, there was something beautiful about it, she added

Although action movies are absolutely outside of my comfort zone, she adds, "doing something different and perhaps surprising to you was really fulfilling

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