The 17 Scariest Horror Movie Costumes for Halloween

By Aazam

From the horrifying Pennywise to the iconic Freddy Krueger, here are 17 of the best and scariest horror movie costume ideas

Pennywise Costume is inspired by the popular and frightening character, and Nun Costume You must have seen The Nun, one of the scariest characters ever.

Slender Man Costume An iconic figure in the indie video game world, Slender Man is the best idea for a great Halloween night out

This essential 100% vinyl Michael Myers mask will make you the life and (dead) soul of the party. The Jason Voorhees costume is one of the most terrifying characters of all time

Freddy Krueger Costume A horror movie costume that ties in with the classics. The Pinhead Mask will make you the most photogenic monster out there

Scream Costume Highly worn as a scary costume, Hannibal Mask is the perfect choice for your Halloween. It's simple, minimalist, but still awesome

Chunky Costume You can't beat any scary Halloween costume contest with this creepy, well presented costume of an infamous murder doll, Chucky

The Jigsaw Mask SAW franchise is one of the bloodiest, most graphic horror franchises ever in existence. And the Annabelle Horror Mask is so well presented

Halloween without the Exorcist costume wouldn't be complete without a crazy, believable rendition of Regan. A Frankenstein costume would be the perfect outfit for Halloween

lien Mask There's no better way to do it all than with this beautifully detailed mask inspired by the unforgettable creature from the Alien franchise

Headless Horseman Costume will make your Halloween night memorable. And Purge Masks Halloween night is the best time to pretend you're running through the streets during "The Purge

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