The 13 Best Hair Scissors for Expert-Level Trims and Cuts

By Aazam

Professional Hair Scissors (6-Inch) : famous hairdresser Gabrielle Corney tells BAZAAR about the Fagaci 6-inch 440c hair cutting scissors.

S-2 550 Professional Offset Hair Shear (5.5-Inch) : Corney also uses these Cricket S-2 550 shears, which are particularly sharp and affordable, on her clients.

Professional Razor Edge Series Barber Hair Cutting Scissors : Customers on Amazon frequently add these stainless steel scissors to their shopping carts because of its ergonomic shape and razor-sharp blades.

Spirit 2000 Styling Shears : These shears are very user-friendly since they include a plastic handle that is comfortable to hold and stainless steel blades that deliver a clean cut

Air Shear (6-Inch) : The Mizani Texpert Collective Air Shear's curved form makes it ideal for cutting curly hair in a smooth, simple manner.

Black-Smith Retro Scissors : Mitzutani has been manufacturing scissors since 1921, when the first pair was made in Tokyo.

Professional Barber Hair Cutting Scissors : With their lightweight construction and grippy finger loops, these professional-grade hair cutting scissors are simpler to control while you cut.

Hair Cutting Scissors : These right-handed scissors, which are constructed completely of Japanese stainless steel, make it simple to fix frizzy ends.

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