Tearful Dwayne Johnson Reflects on His Message to Rob Delaney After Son's 2018 Death

By Aazam

As he talked to Rob Delaney about the comedian's late kid, Dwayne Johnson became upset

Dwayne described his emotions at learning of the passing of Rob's kid Henry, who passed away in 2018 at the age of 2 due to a brain tumor

Rob agreed with Dwayne's thoughts and described the actor's outreach as "a terrific template

Rob said, "He called Henry's name, said something nice, and he simply did it. "It gave me a great feeling

The Red Notice actor tweeted Rob his condolences at the time of Henry's passing, adding, "Stay strong, my friend

Rob also discussed with Dwayne why he chose to write in his new book, A Heart That Works, which tries to support other bereaved parents, about losing Henry

"I have to do it if I can produce a book that can reach someone in a Yorkshire suburb who can't get to a London bereaved parents gathering

The 45-year-old and his wife Leah had their fourth child six months after the tragedy

After The Sunday Times published an excerpt from his book, Rob praised his supporters on October 16 for their "staggering response

Rob continued, "I also want to say that I'm going to contribute all of the money I make from this book to

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