Taylor Swift's 'Evermore' Songs Ranked-Worst to First

By Aazam

How well was the follow-up to the critically acclaimed folktales? Like Taylor did with Jungle, we searched deeply to find out. Here's our review of Evermore songs from worst to first

More of a nostalgia take on New York's Coney Island, this track is a reflective piece about the disappointments, regrets, and conditions of playing back

Despite the name 'Happiness' - don't be deceived by its title; This track really isn't that happy. And Ivy is also about falling in love with someone you don't want to be with

Unlike the Katy Perry song of the same title, Champagne Problems is a heartwarming tale of small-town gossip, judgment, and disapproval

Dorothea is a fun, nostalgic snapshot that delivers a much-needed light breeze in the form of Evermore's eighth track

No Body, No Crime is like cowboy, girl power and a story that could be a perfect fit in law and order.

The sequel to the fan favorite Exile, Evermore is probably the most personal track in an album full of them

Thematically, this flirty track is reminiscent of Taylor's earlier works. Cowboy Like Me feels like a timeless track

Taylor takes on the persona of a small-town girl who comes back to her hometown for the holidays, but finds herself running back into an old flame for the weekend

Another Taylor track about the aftermath of the breakup, in which Taylor remarks that she doesn't need her boyfriend's "closure

Gold Rush, Marjorie, Willow, Long Story Short, Bear It, etc. also come in this list. Definitely a major standout and officially the best song on Evermore

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