Sony Wanted Angelina Jolie to have a Significant Role in Spider-Man 4

By Aazam

Newly discovered information suggests that Sony originally considered hiring Angelina Jolie for Sam Raimi's ill-fated Spider-Man 4—the sequel that never happened.

The actress even struck it lucky and avoided being kidnapped by a Celestial at the conclusion of the film unlike the majority of her companions, setting the way for future roles in Marvel films.

After that, Adrian Toomes' daughter was supposed to assume leadership as the fearsome Vultress—an invented character who didn't appear in the comics—in Spider-Man 4

She would have also represented "an accomplished executive representing a venture capital group that was trying to buy the Daily Bugle" in the movie's B-plot.

Sam Raimi wanted Adrian Toomes to be more modern than how he typically appears in comic books.

The villain's attire reflected some of this, such as the way his wings' feathers were "made to flip out like razor-sharp blades."

Angelina Jolie's Vultress might have been one of the returning bad guys in Spider-Man: No Way Home in an alternate reality.

This might have prevented the Amazing reboot, significantly decreasing the likelihood that Garfield would have been given a chance in the suit.

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