Shawn Mendes Serenades Instagram With Heartbreaking Song

By Aazam

The singer went back to his early career days. He used to post videos of himself singing, playing the guitar to an acoustic tune in his bedroom

In the present day, nostalgia and rawness have created some incredible content that is truly impressing the fans

Mendes posted a video of himself sitting on the floor playing his guitar and singing along to what we can only imagine is an unreleased track

One fan added, "I miss you singing like that, love you," seemingly referring to the old days when the crooner would post on the now-defunct Vine app

Other fans seemed excited about the prospect of the new music, asking, "Is this new music?

In a joint statement to their fans, the pair announced their separation on each other's Instagram Stories.

We started our relationship as best friends and will continue to be best friends.

We appreciate your support from the beginning and Camilla and Sean going forward.

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