Selena Gomez Was Pursued for a Role on ‘Big Bang Theory" Report

By Aazam

Big Bang Theory executive producer Steve Molaro revealed that producers only approached the murders in Building Star multiple times

Before it was established that Amy's parents were just together, Molaro had "kicked around an idea that Amy was complaining about her terrible half-sister

"Who will be played by Gomez, "beautiful and great and everyone loves her." However, things never worked out due to scheduling conflicts.

It's no secret that Gomez, 30, is a fan of the show, as revealed in a 2016 Instagram post

Gomez looks at the computer screen in her dressing room with a mug in her hand. "The one thing that lets me go before anything else.

The book also explains: Before Johnny Galecki earned the role of Leonard Hofstadter, producers pursued Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin

Co-producer Bill Prady said: "We had a great meeting with Macaulay and then we heard he had decided he wasn't interested.

The book states that Sandra Bullock was "the first" to attend Sheldon and Emmy's Nobel Prize ceremony with Raj Kuthrapali (Kunal Nayyar)

Before he cast Sarah Michelle Gellar to play herself. Why bull? Executive producer Steve Holland said that Kuthrapali "loves him very much"

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