Selena Gomez Says She May Not Be Able to Carry Children Due to

By Aazam

Selena Gomez is openly discussing her desire to have children in the future. Gomez revealed to the publication that she once went to see a friend who was attempting to conceive.

She is currently on two drugs for bipolar disorder, which will probably prevent her from ever being able to have children of her own

Gomez informed the site before adding that she hopes to still have children in the future through alternative means.

Some doctors advise continuing these drugs through childbirth because bipolar symptoms can get worse during pregnancy.

According to RS, the "Rare" musician's acquaintances at the time had problems identifying her, and her mother found out about everything via TMZ.

She noted that although she felt "gone" from her prescriptions, her condition eventually got better, and she was eventually taken off all but two of them by a new psychiatrist.

In April 2020, on an episode of Miley Cyrus' Instagram Live show Bright Minded, Gomez revealed her diagnosis of bipolar disorder. She has previously been candid about her struggles with anxiety and sadness.

Gomez talked more candidly to presenter Kelly Clarkson during Wednesday's broadcast of The Kelly Clarkson Show about her trip to the McLean Hospital in Massachusetts.

Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me is the title of the new documentary in which Gomez will frankly discuss her successes and failures with mental health.

Gomez spoke exclusively with PEOPLE at the Los Angeles premiere of her new Apple TV project. She discussed her perspective on the modern world.

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