Season 4 of 'Titans' Will See Multiple Villains Competing For Screen Time

By Aazam

We don't want to give much away right now, but shall we say this, the eponymous protagonist will find himself facing off against his most dangerous foes.

Along with the infamous villain Lex Luthor, Season 4 Titans viewers can expect to see at least three major supervillains.

Mother Mayhem is "a high-ranking member in the Church of Blood, traditionally the woman who will bear the next Brother Blood."

In Season 4 of Titans, fans will meet May Bennett, the mother of Ninth Brother Blood and the other woman to use the name Mother Mayhem.

As far as Brother Blood is concerned, the great villain is the "high priest of the Church of Blood, a triangle-worshiping cult in Xandia.

Despite looking young, he attains immortality by bathing in a pool of blood." The character appears in Titans as Sebastian Sanger.

Joe, the owner of a taxidermy shop, begins to see hallucinations of blood and hears chanting.

Ahead of the Season 4 premiere, Joseph Morgan spoke with Den of Geek and teased his portrayal of Brother Blood.

The actor told the outlet that his version of the supervillain is a man who starts out with these big dreams.

As for how he prepared in Titans, Joseph admitted that he "saw a little bit of Joaquin Phoenix in Joker, but he was a little more contrived.

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