Scientists Map Solar System Alien Caves in the Hunt for Extraterrestrial Life

By Aazam

It was just a matter of time before scientists expanded their search for extraterrestrial life to other solar system caves.

There are many alien dugouts waiting to be discovered by humanity, carved into the arid sands of Mars and etched into the sticky soil of the moon.

In a different study, a group of planetary scientists present the first detailed list of the locations of all the known caves in our solar system.

According to a news statement about the study, scientists have found 3,545 probable cold, rocky, and mysterious caverns on 11 moons and planets in our solar system, including Mars and our own lunar friend

One of the greatest places to look for signs of extinct or maybe still-existing lifeforms is in caves, which can be found on many planetary surfaces, according to Wynne.

In a similar line, whether there is a secret lake of liquid water beneath the surface of the red planet is a subject of intense discussion among scientists who study it.

For protection from both solar and galactic cosmic radiation, cave exploration and development should be taken into account while designing astronaut housing, EVA suits, and equipment.

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