Scientists Confirm that Blinking very Slowly can be Used to Communicate with Cats

By Aazam

In a 2020 research, scientists analyzed cat-human interactions and confirmed that blinking slowly makes cats approach and be receptive to humans.

As someone who has studied animal behavior and has a cat, it's great to show cats and humans can interact, said psychologist Karen McComb of Sussex University in the UK

According to anecdotal evidence from cat owners, people can mimic this expression to signal to cats that we are friendly and willing to engage in conversation.

Owners of 21 cats from 14 different houses were slow-blinked in the initial phase.

Both the owner and the cat's faces were captured by cameras, and the results were compared with how cats blink in the absence of human interaction.

According to the findings, cats are more likely than cats in the no-interaction condition to slow-blink at their people after their humans have already done so

This time, the researchers, who hadn't previously interacted with the cat, were the ones blinking instead of the owners.

The cats were seen reacting to a no-blink condition, in which people just stared at the cats without blinking an eye.

According to McComb, this study is the first to experimentally explore the function of slow blinking in cat-human communication.

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