Muni Long Announce Debut Album After Hrs & Hrs Goes

By Aazam

Muni Long has spent two decades in the music industry while first working behind the scenes and then becoming an independent artist

After signing with legendary music label Def Jam which helped launch the careers of LL Cool J and the Beastie Boys

She has collected a huge fan base of support from those new to the R&B genre who have been following her career from the very beginning

When she was a solo artist that time she collaborated with John Legend, Saweetie, and rap and hip-hop newcomer Kali

When she released a new album, that time her fans were ready  to see and hear the truth behind her rise to success

Priscilla Renea is that name which was given to her by her parents, but her stage name was inspired by teachings about nirvana

Her track Hrs & Hrs became popular on social media and it earned 169.2 million views on TikTok

Dr. Dre said of Rihanna, who will headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show