Meghan Markle paid her respect to late Queen Elizabeth II

By Aazam

The Duchess of Sussex attended the service at Westminster Abbey wearing a black hat and a black cape

Meghan Markle hair pulled into a low bun to show off her pearl earrings, which were gifted to her by the queen in 2018 after Meghan Markle married into the royal family

She had previously worn the earrings last week as a sartorial tribute to Queen Elizabeth as well as a symbol of her grief during the mourning process

Kate Middleton and Camilla, Queen Consort, also wore pearls, which have traditionally been associated with mourning since Queen Victoria’s reign

Queen Elizabeth II was Britain’s longest reigning monarch, with more than 70 years on the throne

She is succeeded by her eldest son, King Charles III, whose coronation ceremony will take place at a later date

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