Mahsa Amini, 22, Died more than a Week Ago, and that death has been reported.

By Aazam

October 01, 2022

Who was detained by the Islamic Republic of Iran's ethics police in Tehran for improperly donning his hijab

Amini was allegedly assaulted for not donning the correct scarf; she later passed away in the hospital after slipping into a coma

As a result, outrage has permeated Iran's cracks, inspiring women to demonstrate for their liberation

Some American celebrities have called for justice in the killing of an Iranian woman, while others have informed their followers of the situation

The aspiring lawyer and reality celebrity used a broken heart emoji at the conclusion of her message. The 41-year-old is of Armenian descent

He also brought attention to the Azerbaijani army's unjustifiable assaults and killings of Armenians

Bella Hadid frequently discusses tragedies in the Middle East; her father is Palestinian real estate tycoon Mohamed Hadid

Following Amini's passing, the 25-year-old model posted a side-by-side photo to Instagram that has now gone viral

Rest in peace, #mashaamini. You didn't deserve this. Sending prayers to his family and friends, Hadid said