Kylie Jennner Criticized For Saying She Is Naturally Gorgeous Without Makeup

By Aazam

The reality star admitted to her fans and followers that she is actually "naturally" beautiful and doesn't "require much" cosmetics

The 25-year-old businesswoman was presented and appeared camera-ready for the social media film while sporting a natural makeup look that showcased the work of her makeup artist Ariel Tejada

In the video, Kylie makes a comment about her hair and cosmetics while performing a close-up of her face and winking at the audience

The new term for cosmetic or surgical enhancement is "naturally enhanced," according to one commenter

There should be no mention of "natural beauty" in this family's lexicon

Another individual wrote, "Y'all all paid for your faces/bodies to modify, nothing natural about it

She recently posted her "hair health journey," updating her natural hair as she is renowned for wearing wigs and extensions, which may impede growth