Kim Kardashian and Floyd Mayweather are likely to Prevail in the Ethereum Max Lawsuit

By Aazam

Kim Kardashian, a billionaire entrepreneur, and Floyd Mayweather are expected to win in a case accusing them of defrauding investors using the obscure cryptocurrency EthereumMax.

According to Bloomberg, U.S. District Judge Michael Fitzgerald stated in a tentative court judgment on Monday that the lawyers for the disgruntled investors were "trying to act like" the SEC.

In January, investors sued mega-rich celebrities, claiming they boosted EthereumMax token prices then dumped them, leaving others out of pocket.

EMAX works on Ethereum, the blockchain behind the world's second-biggest cryptocurrency.

Fitzgerald reportedly continued, "For obvious reasons, the celebrities did not bother to label the tokens as a security."

However, Kim Kardashian decided to resolve the charges that she supported EMAX by paying the SEC $1.26 million back in October.

The reality TV personality talked about EMAX's tokenomics in her "major announcement" Instagram story.

Later, Kim's article was referred to as the "financial promotion with the single largest audience reach in history" by Charles Randell, chair of the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

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