Kendall Jenner Is Sexy Jessie From Toy Story for Halloween

By Aazam

I have to give Kendall Jenner credit for her attention to detail, even though she's not the first to dress up as a seductive Jessie from Toy Story for Halloween.

Jenner captioned the photo with a quotation from the Disney film that suddenly sounds wicked.

On her IG Stories, Jenner replaced the long-sleeved crop with a kerchief top and removed the red wig for two braids.

I'm pleased Jenner gets to maintain Halloween's essence of ruining children's characters by turning them slutty pure as the only Kardashian without children

Kendall Jenner was not the only member of the family to go all out for her costume; her sisters may not have chosen to dress as cartoon characters

I just have to wonder if Devin Booker dressed similarly as a seductive Woody, complete with ass-free chaps

In case the classic white-striped wig wasn't enough to identify her as the Bride of Frankenstein, Kylie Jenner, for example, dressed up as the character and shared many black and white images of herself on a reproduction of the 1935 film set