Jennifer Garner dons Unexpected Wedding Dress in Surprising New Video

By Aazam

Jennifer Garner stunned fans when she appeared in a video wearing a white wedding dress and veil months after announcing her engagement to John Miller

On Friday, the Alias actress, whose ex-husband, Ben Affleck, married Jennifer Lopez earlier this year, posted the fantastic film on Instagram to celebrate Halloween.

Despite her bridal dress, Jennifer had a frighteningly pale face and thick eye makeup, giving her a deathly appearance

The singer also wore a giant wine-colored bow on top of a jet-black wig, lace gloves, and heavy makeup in the video

"Haha, how do you make it hilarious + scary + sexy + goofy + spooky all together?! Genius!

Jennifer's scary outing follows her revelation that she hosted a wedding reception for herself to celebrate turning 50 in April

After it was reported that she and her CaliGroup CEO boyfriend, John, are getting serious, she confessed

She's been seen out with a large engagement ring and the pair has been PDA-ing