Inside Henry Cavill's Complicated Love Life

By Aazam

Playing Charles Brandon in the three-year, critically acclaimed Showtime series The Tudors from 2006 to 2010, Henry Cavill first attracted significant attention

When he wore the famous cape in Zack Snyder's Superman reboot, Man of Steel, Hollywood instantly came knocking and he rapidly became a household figure

We can see why the British actor would want to make up for lost time after experiencing bullying and being referred to as "Fat Cavill" growing up.

Let's take a look inside Henry Cavill's intricate, but never dull, love life, whether it be a marriage proposal or a 10-day affair

When he proposed to British showjumping rider Ellen Whitaker in the spring of 2011, Henry Cavill discovered he had a horse girl.

In 2014, Whitaker married fellow showjumper Antonio Marinas Soto and gave birth to their first child.

She is still a professional showjumper, and she and Santos have welcomed a second kid into their family, according to her Instagram.

Henry Cavill and Gina Carano began dating soon after his engagement to Ellen Whitaker came to an end

Following Carano's termination from The Mandalorian due to offensive comments, their public relationship came to light once more

The actor reportedly started getting internet criticism for ever having dated her in the first place, according to Desert News.

In 2016, when Tara King was just 19 years old and Henry Cavill was 32, they began dating. Tara was a student at Bristol University

Henry becomes weak in the knees when Lucy is present, just like Superman after ingesting kryptonite, a source informed The Mirror.