Grimes Says She's 'Very Seriously Considering' a White Ink Face Tattoo

By Aazam

Grimes says that I am excited to get a white ink tattoo on my face after a few days

Grimes did not disclose that  when she captured her latest selfie and when the post came of her bandaged face

She got ear surgery, after she expressed interest in getting pointed elf ears surgically implanted

Afterthat Grimes shared a photograph of herself on Twitter with medical wrap around her face

Artist Tweak's design incorporates a web of tangled lines with sum help from the alien computer brain of Nusi Quero

Grimes has shown off some intricate artwork such as white ink tattoo design that covers nearly her entire back

Grimes continued of her new ink in the caption of her post and it will be red for a few wks, but gna be beautiful alien scars

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