How Brad Pitt Handled his Misery During Angelina Jolie's Separation

By Aazam

After his "misery"-filled divorce from ex-wife Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt was moved to make art.

On Wednesday, the "Bullet Train" performer, 58, told The Financial Times that when he was recently separated, he turned to two of his pals, Australian singer Nick Cave and British artist Thomas Houseago, for companionship as they were struggling with their own troubles

I was examining my own life and focusing on owning my own s-t, the man continued: "Where was I complicit in failures in my relationships, where have I erred

For me, it resulted from taking responsibility for what I refer to as a radical inventory of self, being brutally honest with myself, and considering those I may have injured

Days after a turbulent private plane ride in 2016, which resulted in accusations of physical abuse against the "Fight Club" star, Pitt and Jolie, both 47, called it quits

Even though the FBI has cleared Pitt of all charges, his ex-wife continued to claim this month that there was "probable cause" for authorities to bring charges against him

The "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" actor made the decision to become sober in 2019 to take some responsibility for his mistakes amidst the ongoing legal proceedings that have lasted for six years

Attending AA meetings at the time, he said, "was actually really liberating just to expose the ugly sides of yourself." "That has a lot of value

Pitt said on Wednesday in an interview with The Financial Times that he now finds "comfort" in friendships where he can be completely honest and that he wanted to "extend" that into the "outer world" through his work

I find I have to walk with the pain I experience, and I have to walk with the joy, the beauty," the "Moneyball" star said in his closing statement

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