Hailey Bieber's 'Brownie Glazed Lip' Is Become Major Issue

By Aazam

The Hailey Bieber who recently posted on a TikTok in which she showed off what she called a brownie glazed lip

Hailey Bieber posted the video and said that she was employing a certain makeup technique that the look has been used regularly

Hailey is applying brown lip liner and a clear glossy lip treatment from her beauty brand Rhode

Hailey never invented that particular makeup trend, a good deal of white women began to adopt the look and credited her as their creativity

Fans of Hailey Bieber have attempted to safeguard her by referring to the fact that her mother is Brazilian, and would have been the creativity for the look

Mexican American women of Second-generation and Black and brown women who found that the makeup options available to them were limiting

Hailey Bieber also materialized on the podcast Call Her Daddy, where she inscribed the rumors that she tipped her husband Justin Bieber from Selena Gomez