Green Mamba VS Boomslang: What are the Differences?

By Aazam

Boomslangs and green mambas have a striking resemblance that makes them easy to mistake at first sight. Both types of snakes are stunning, green, slender, and dangerous.

High-venomous snakes like boomslangs and green mambas, which are often found in Africa and spend much of their time on trees, are also known as. The only two dangerous green snakes in the world, out of the six that are known to exist, are these two reptiles

 Size : – Green Mamba 1. Weight: between 1kg to 1.6kg (2.2lbs to 3.5 lbs) 2. Length: between 4ft to 7ft – Boomslang 1. Weight: between 175g to 510g (0.4 lbs to 1.1lbs) 2. Length: 3.1ft to 5.3ft

Scientific name and family : – Green Mamba 1. Dendroaspis angusticeps 2. They belong to the Elapid Snakes family. – Boomslang 1. Dispholidus typus 2. They belong to the Colubrid Snakes family.

Color Green Mamba 1. Usually bright, glossy green Boomslang 1. They come in various shades of green, from dark green to dusty green to bright green.

Venom – Green Mamba 1. Their venom contains neurotoxins and cardiotoxins – Boomslang 1. Their venom contains hemotoxins

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