Future of Ben Affleck's Batman is in Doubt, After a Major Announcement

By Aazam

With Robert Pattinson taking on the role in The Batman, which takes place in a universe separate from the DCEU timeline of Dawn of Justice, the actor's future in the part has recently been in doubt.

According to rumors, following the events of The Flash, WB's in-universe Caped Crusader will really be replaced by actor Michael Keaton from the 1989 film Batman.

Some have wondered if Affleck is actually putting his cape and cowl away because of this and rumors that the actor has signed on for a Crisis on Infinite Earths movie.

Ben Putting an End to Bat-Fleck? : Ben Affleck may have indicated that he is through acting as Batman in a recent statement.

Affleck and his longtime writing collaborator and close friend Matt Damon made the announcement, as reported by The New York Times (NYT), that they are establishing their own production firm.

Is Ben Affleck Really Done with Batman? : There have been reports that ideas "involving [Ben Affleck's] Batman" were still being discussed even after the supposed universe reset of next year's The Flash.

Warner Bros. might invite the firm in to collaborate with the actor on a Batman movie, but with its innovative pay model, WB may be against giving up so much wealth on the back end.

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