FDA Finally Declares Lab-Grown Meat Safe for Eating

By Aazam

The Food and Drug Administration issued its first-ever rubber stamp to a business that produces cultured beef.

Following completion of the FDA's pre-market consultation procedure, the agency found that UPSIDE Foods' safety claims were accurate.

The FDA's review of UPSIDE amounts to a green light for the company's technology and production method, which uses chicken cells + a growth medium to create meat without slaughter.

For years, cultured meat has been touted as a potential remedy for the numerous environmental drawbacks of conventional, animal-produced meat.

Companies have long been fighting unsuccessfully for regulatory clearance of cultured meat in the United States.

To accurately assess a food's impact on the ecosystem, several distinct environmental factors must be taken into account.

Land utilized to cultivate the grains in cell growth medium and energy needed to power these facilities are big questions about cultured meat.

The expansion of cultured beef from the conference-circuit sample tray to actual customers is one of the major developments in recent years.

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