Dwayne Johnson’s Superhero Debut Is Another Catastrophe for DC’s Film Universe

By Aazam

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's depressingly inevitable (and sad) entry into the superhero-industrial complex provides a simpler answer: As expected

Respect to Black Adam's distinguished history since his 1945 DC Comics debut

Star-subject mismatches cause issues. The Scorpion King does not make someone Middle Eastern

Later, they team together to fight a huge hell creature with a pentagram scar. neckier Hulk Johnson's PG-13 film is unimaginative

"The superhero-industrial complex is worth a lot of money," a character whose name I've forgotten says, and "Black Adam" joins that industry with all the zeal of a hedge fund buying $200 million worth of blue chip stocks

While Amon fights the white military officers who police his people, his resistance fighter mum Adrianna searches the ruins outside town for... Uncertain

Meanwhile, Intergang, a criminal group that sounds more like a Pornhub tag than an apocalyptic cartel, is furious over finding Sauron's tiara

Intergang provides bad guys Ishmael Grego with disposable goons and Teth-Adam with white targets unaffiliated with the American military

Teth-relationship Adam's with Amon never goes beyond a sarcastic jest that makes him feel even older

But don't get too comfy, for that oddness is soon replaced by an even stranger feeling of irony as a whole phase's worth of knock-off Marvel characters drop into Amon's backyard

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