Dwayne Johnson Welcomes Home Superman Henry Cavill

By Aazam

In Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam film, Henry Cavill reprises his role as Superman, as has been widely reported and conjectured

Now, before you whine about spoilers, Henry Cavill returning as Superman is actually being marketed for Black Adam since Dwayne Johnson is discussing it in interviews after the film's official premiere

The fans are always put first, Johnson continues. the audience is prioritized. "Well, just like I battled hard for Black Adam for fifteen years

Dany has fought for six years, Hiram has fought for six years, and we've all been struggling for fifteen years for this moment," Johnson continues.

There's much more we would want to accomplish if those individuals crossed paths, he says. "It's really not just about a showdown, although that is definitely going to happen," he adds

When it comes to power and approach, two characters that are so diametrically opposed but kind of come from the same place are ideal for our unique long-form tale

Even if we manage to pull that off, it won't happen quickly when those guys meet paths. We have some lofty goals in mind for that.