Dwayne Johnson Hilariously Brought Kevin Hart Into Black Adam’s Promotion

By Aazam

When Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are joking around with one another, whether online or in person, there is never a dull moment

Following their customary humor, the Black Adam star amusingly included Hart in the advertising

The Black Adam actor posted a message on Instagram to inform his followers that the DC movie's theatrical release date was approaching

He added Hart to some promotion in a special method because he didn't want the good times from Super-Pets to come to an end

To help promote the movie, Johnson posted a video of himself waiting in line with his Super-Pets co-star

Johnson's movement was perfectly timed to Hart's phony remarks, and the editing and visual effects crew earned praise for this

Even though the comic wasn't present, it contributed to the hilarious jabs the on-screen couple constantly throw at one another

The Jungle Cruise actor's retort fit with his persona because he jokingly pretended to be "annoyed" by his frequent co-lack star's of "straight responses

Due to the amusing jabs, a rumor that the former WWE star secretly detested Hart emerged

Hart even admitted that they continue working together because they get along both on and off the screen

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