Can Will Smith Be Nominated for an Oscar?, After Academy's Post-Slap Ceremony Ban

By Aazam

Many people are wondering if Will Smith would be eligible for an Academy Award in the wake of the release of the new trailer for Emancipation, his first film since the Oscars controversy.

Smith won Best Actor at the 94th Oscars earlier this year, shortly after a stunning moment in which he slapped Chris Rock on live television onstage

Later, Smith delivered an emotional acceptance speech; but, at that time, he did not express his regrets to Rock in particular

Smith left the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences shortly after the programme, and he was later barred from the organization's events for ten years

Smith plays Peter in the new film, a man who escapes slavery and embarks on a journey for freedom while dodging hunters in Louisiana swamps

According to the synopsis, "Whipped Peter's 1863 photographs obtained during a Union Army medical checkup served as the basis for the movie

In the end, one photograph, dubbed "The Scourged Back," which depicts Peter's bare back being mangled by a beating administered by his captors, helped fuel growing public resistance to slavery.

This movie, which could be considered the origin of the viral image, is about a man's heart

The image was a "rallying cry against slavery," according to Smith, and it served as the inspiration for a movie that he wanted to be a part of "in a way that only Antoine Fuqua could deliver

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