Camila Cabello Swears She Had a UFO Encounter

By Aazam

When Camila Cabello appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," she revealed certain things

Speaking with Fallon, Cabello revealed to the audience that she genuinely thought she had an alien encounter in Chile

My parents do enjoy watching UFO documentaries," she added, adding that, in contrast to her parents, she cares about Earthly matters

Even with her skepticism, Cabello claimed that she genuinely believes that she had an experience with an alien

She claimed that her father noticed two objects which, when we slowed the film down, there were actually three of them while he was viewing the photos and videos she had made of her parents

She admitted that she was on the fence about airing the tape because she didn't want the aliens to feel taken advantage of or have their confidence betrayed

Fallon and Cabello then played the video of her parents' photo with a mountain in the background and a moving thing that appears briefly on the screen

This past week, Cabello disclosed that several of her fellow "The Voice" coaches participated in a performance of one of her most well-known songs, "Havana

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