Black Adam Producer Talks Henry Cavill's Superman Future: 'We're Fighting For It

By Aazam

Due to recent revelations about Man of Steel 2, a prospective Flash sequel, James Gunn's secret DC project, and more, this will contain DC spoilers

Robert Pattinson's Batman was confused by Ben Affleck's return to Batman's cape and cowl for The Flash or Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Now, though, there are rumors of actual action being taken to bring Superman back to the DC universe

Warner Bros. has "a strong desire" to bring Henry Cavill and Man of Steel back to DC movies, according to The Hollywood Reporter's big article about DC's turning point

We discussed Black Adam with Seven Bucks Productions producer Hiram Garcia to follow up on that issue

Through the recent Black Adam press tour, The Rock essentially informed the public that this was taking place

You understand why Hiram Garcia says they are "fighting" to get Henry Cavill's name on the contract and seal his return to the DC Universe now that the dream has started to come reality

Dwayne Johnson plays Black Adam, the defender of Kahndaq and a thorn in the Justice Society of America's side