Black Adam’ Post-Credits Scene With and More Easter Eggs Explained

By Aazam

October 23, 2022

With his film "Black Adam," Dwayne Johnson has long promised that "the structure of power in the DC Universe is about to alter

Certainly, that's what the post-credits scene hopes. Fans had long yearned for Johnson's super-strong antagonist to square off with Henry Cavill's Superman, another all-powerful DC hero

Even Johnson himself had been hinting at the confrontation on the red carpet at the world premiere of "Black Adam" and at San Diego Comic-Con this year

In the post-credits scene, Cavill's Superman does make an appearance, and there appears to be some tension between him and Black Adam

However, the sequence begins with Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), who has been orchestrating the Suicide Squad in not one, but two films, sending a drone over to speak with Black Adam

After Black Adam broke out of her watery captivity, which was managed by the amusing cameo appearance of Emilia Harcourt from "Peacemaker," played by Jennifer Holland, Waller isn't too pleased with him

Black Adam is informed by Waller that she is paying attention to him and will release him as long as he stays within the borders of his country

Khand Unconfirmed rumors have surfaced regarding a second Superman film starring Cavill, but nothing official, much less approved, has been said

Producer of "Black Adam" Hiram Garcia has stated that a Superman against Superman film would not be a one-off

As he is being introduced, his uncle Al Pratt, the older Atom in the DC Comics who left him his costume, calls him on FaceTime.

The first superhero to go by Red Tornado was Abigail Mathilda "Ma" Hunkel, and Cyclone is her granddaughter

Doctor Fate's voice becomes deeper and unearthly when he dons his gold helmet and summons his magical abilities