Best Horror Movies of the Last 15 Years in Hollywood

By Aazam

Saint Maud, starring future Rings of Power actor Morfydd Clark as a young woman with medieval morals, shows how faith in God can lead to a terrifying journey into Hell

The first film by Julia Ducournau, Raw, is one of the few horror movies to so effectively touch into the fears and fantasies of women.

Euripides' Iphigenia in Aulis inspired Yorgos Lanthimos' unnerving terror. A surgeon accepts a young man into his family, generating commotion

Overlord, which featured Abrams as a producer, quickly developed a cult following despite its possibly poorly planned release.

The movie that established Ti West as one of the genre's up-and-coming auteurs in horror is also his third full-length film

Black Swan was a "elevated horror" film before the term turned into a meaningless buzzword, making it one of the few films on this list to receive an acting Academy Award

Joel Anderson's Australian mockumentary about a girl who drowned in a dam and her family is odd

In 2009, Girlfight filmmaker Karyn Kusama made a feminist horror cult film from Jennifer's Body.

In 2009, Girlfight filmmaker Karyn Kusama delved head-first into Jennifer's Body, creating a specifically feminist cult horror film as a result.

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