Ava Raine, The Rock's Daughter, Makes An Unexpected WWE NXT Debut

By Aazam

Ava Raine, daughter of WWE legend Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, shocked pro wrestling audiences on Tuesday night

When he is revealed to be the last member of Joe Gacy's faction, Gacy was addressing the crowd as the leader of The Schism.

While wrestlers in yellow masks stood behind them on a podium. Rip Fowler, Jagger Reed had already been revealed as members of the group

"The love and acceptance that The Schism has given me defies any preconceived notions of what I should be."

Raine's real name is Simone Johnson. She is the daughter of The Rock and his first wife, Danny Garcia

He started training at the WWE Performance Center in February 2020 and signed a contract with the company three months later.

There was some backlash to her ring name in May, but she put it to bed in a tweet.

I probably sound like a broken record and hopefully this is the last one I'll mention.

I don't understand why it is such a hot topic for people to be portrayed as individuals by their family name.

She wrote. "A name does not defame any past achievement from any family."

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