Anne Hathaway Looks Back At The Moments She Regrets From Her Hollywood Career

By Aazam

According to Anne Hathaway in an interview with Elle, she regrets not taking risks earlier in her Hollywood career

The 39-year-old actress acknowledged that early in her career in a recent reenactment of an iconic scene from "Devil Wears Prada

At this point in her life, she realized that experiencing anything spectacular for the first time was the only time it ever occurred

According to Anne, she has sown "seeds" in her life and "then there come these moments where you harvest them," calling Armageddon Time "a little bit of a harvest

She also talked about the feedback she got following her Oscars victory speech in 2013

"I have worked too hard on developing kinder perspectives of myself to share my peace with people who haven't yet discovered it for themselves

I try to put aside my concerns about what others may think and just live my life

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