Angelina Jolie, Compared to Amber Heard by Social Media Creators Chasing Celebrity Scandal

By Aazam

NBC News reviewed online videos and comments regarding Angelina Jolie after a legal filing revealed additional abuse charges against her ex-husband Brad Pitt. Jolie has become the latest celebrity lady to be compared to Amber Heard

A domestic abuse expert and unconscious bias educator said the accounts targeting Jolie are part of a trend of misogynistic stereotypes targeting high-profile women accusers

According to NBC News, those who make videos assaulting Heard are motivated by the thousands to millions of social media views and the money that can follow

Heard's legal battle and trial with her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp, sparked a separate wave of social media content that included false accusations against Heard as well as widely shared but misinterpreted trial recordings

As seen by the hundreds of comments NBC News obtained on Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube challenging her assault claims, social media users and artists are now equating Jolie to Heard

The assaults on Jolie happened after she filed a countersuit against Pitt on October 4, claiming that he had abused her and their children physically and emotionally

Jolie detailed a tense 2016 flight on a private plane in the counter complaint, alleging that Pitt choked one of the kids and punched another in the face

In a prior statement to NBC News, a spokesman for Pitt denied the charges and promised that he wouldn't "own anything he didn't do" in court

Pitt initiated the current civil lawsuit in February in response to Jolie selling her share of their French winery

This year, the conflict gained widespread publicity, attracting the interest of millions of internet viewers during the civil trial involving Depp and Heard

Depp was also found guilty of defaming Heard and given a $2 million damage award

The Depp v. Heard trial was widely discussed on social media, especially on TikTok and YouTube, where creators made hundreds of thousands of dollars by posting pro-Depp, anti-Heard videos

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