Amazon Prime Video's top 10 shows of the Week

By Aazam

Amazon Prime Video's top 10 shows and movies list today, with the additions of Channing Tatum's buddy movie Dog and the new season of the Spanish-language detective series A Private Affair

Prime Video's most popular new movies and shows on Prime Video are listed below, but we're not just telling you what's on the list; we're also putting our opinions on there to help you figure out which are worth watching

Brazilian series about a trans woman whose life takes an unexpected turn when her son from a previous relationship shows up.

James, Richard, and Jeremy bring their rambunctious road tour north of the Arctic Circle in this special.

Liam Neeson action thriller about an assassin with early stages of dementia who goes on the run after refusing a contract.

Both new entries are still obviously behind The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, which stays put in the top spot

They fall into the No. 2 and 3 slots, respectively, but apparently there can only be one Channing Tatum movie on the list, because The Lost City is out

Sumner Stroh issued an apology to Behati Prinsloo claiming husband, Adam Levine