After Complaining About Her Job, Mikayla Nogueira Is Being Puller

By Aazam

People know Mikayla as a makeup artist and on the page of Mikayla  included videos ranging from transformation videos and trending makeup products

An old video about Mikayla pretendedly complaining about her TikTok career has surfaced

Social media users are never above giving out a good verbal pulle and  Mikayla wants to issue regret for her sentiments

The resurfaced clip, which was shared one week ago by TikToker has already gained over 360,000 likes and over 6 million views

It displays that the original full clip with reply of Mikayla to the monitor has since been removed from her page

Mikayla shares filming video content, editing content, and working on social media profiles and marketing

The common harmony is that Mikayla should be thankful to be afforded such a golden opportunity to be a top-level influencer