A Crossover between Marvel and DC would be Disastrous; Dwayne Johnson

By Aazam

The Black Adam actor has suggested that he would try the ultimate act of fan service, although the two properties couldn't be more dissimilar

The ultimate goal is to have a crossover that can be interesting, clever, and great for the fans; let's get a temperature gauge whether they'd like to see something along those lines, Johnson said this week to Variety.

With the proper leadership, environment, people, and discourse, anything is possible

A multiverse portal could open and transport our planet into a sinister parallel reality where Disney has acquired every Hollywood studio

Outside of the Lego movies, it seems improbable that DC and Marvel's titans will ever clash on the big screen in the absence of such events

Since then, the studio has gradually added more and more costumed heroes to the mix, much like a skilled plate spinner adding new dinnerware

Because they are all cheerful, carefree, somewhat self-referential, and mildly irreverent, pretty much any Marvel superhero can appear in any other Marvel film or Disney+ series.

Directors change, but the CEO remains. Every episode has a distinct Marvel aesthetic and feel thanks to Kevin Feige

If The Flash ever makes it to theaters, the inclusion of a DC multiverse may cover some of the gaps, but the feeling that no one is truly in command persists

Any fan forum or Twitter thread would have been extremely unlikely to have predicted a Batman movie in which Bruce Wayne is essentially a posh Kurt Cobain