9 Unbelievable Facts About the Rapper Kanye West

By Aazam

You already knew everything about the controversial star who isn't afraid to speak her mind, perhaps with skeletons hidden in West's closet.

His Dad Was a Black Panther-Ray West was a Black Panther in the 60s and 70s before becoming the first black photojournalist at the Atlanta-Journal Constitution

Kanye Lived in China- You had a very interesting upbringing. Born in Atlanta, Kanye later lived alone with his mother in Chicago.

Kanye's a College Dropout - Kanye earned himself a one-year scholarship to the American Academy of Art in Chicago, then transferred to Chicago State for a degree in English.

Kanye Changed His Legal Name- This isn't the most outrageous thing Kanye has done, but it's definitely one of his most amazing works.

Michael Jackson Admired Ye's Style-In fact, the legend apparently called out Kanye to ask him about the jacket he wore in his strong music video.

No One Cared for His Music at First- Despite his success as a producer, clearly, Kanye's true aspiration was to become a rapper

Kanye's Dance Went Viral- If you remember Kanye's weird little boogie during his performance at the Foundation Louis Vuitton event in Paris in 2015.

He Once Considered Suicide - Kanye has admitted in the past that he once contemplated suicide. In 2018, he revealed this in an interview with The New York Times

He Had a Travel Company and Burger Joint - Through his official website in 2008, the workaholic started an online travel company called "Kanye Travel Ventures" (KTV).

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