7 Times The Crown Lied To You About Princess Diana

By Aazam

King Charles and Princess Diana did not share a post-divorce breakfast : Following their divorce and separation, Diana and Charles weren't renowned for spending a lot of time together.

Whether Princess Diana actually warned Queen Elizabeth of her interview is unknown : Given that the fifth season of "The Crown" covers one of the most dramatic periods in the contemporary royal family, there are a lot of scandals this season

The vacation to Italy with the family wasn't seen by Princess Diana as a second honeymoon : Princess Diana and King Charles go on a family vacation with their young boys at the beginning of season five of "The Crown.

Princess Diana's first trip to Balmoral didn't go well : In the second episode of season four of "The Crown," Princess Diana travels to the royal estate Balmoral.

Princess Diana's relationship with James Hewitt was long term : Although their relationship is briefly depicted in "The Crown," Diana and Hewitt's actual romance lasted five years, from 1986 to 1991.

Princess Diana's sister introduced her to King Charles : In an interview with The Guardian that was conducted after Charles and Diana's engagement was made public, Sarah made the following comment: "I introduced them. Cupid here.

Princess Diana didn't require any more training to be a princess : Diana practically knew how to behave in society and in the royal family from birth because she was a member of a long-established aristocratic family.

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